The 2018 Smarty Award Nominees

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Congratulations to all the 2018 Smarty Award Nominees! Read this post to learn more about the winners.

2018 Company of the Year

OMG, Inc.—Winner

Royal Technology

Southeastern Freight Lines


M&T Bank

Farm Credit Foundations

Tokyo Electron

Machias Savings Bank

2018 Vision Award

National Automotive Experts—Winner

Andean Naturals

Credit Union of Texas

City of Rowell, GA

Creature Comforts Brewing

2018 HR Hero of the Year for Large Business

Alvin Shaver, Southeastern Freight Lines—Winner

Angela Johnson, Puget Sound Energy, Inc.

Amber Lewis, Hines

Kasha King, GE Johnson

Brynn Johnson, Aldi

Paula Stop, Bell Partners

2018 HR Hero of the Year for Small Business

Heather Vose, Machias Savings Bank—Winner 

Aimee Tharp, Tharp Plumbing

Nha Tran, Amplify Credit Union

Denise Hart, Amplify Credit Union

Sarah Corrigan, OMG, Inc.

Chris Dehning, United Prairie Bank

Rueben Olson, Best Notes

Jennifer Ott, Still Hopes

Matt Stevens, Creature Comforts Brewing

Jessica Jones, Jacksonville Jaguars

Michelle Kern, National Automotive Experts

Nancy Jendro, Clow Stamping

Stephen Cools, Texas Trust Credit Union

Susan Webster, Sibley Hart

2018 Advisor of the Year

Brady Dall, 401k Advisors Intermountain—Winner

Cindy Patterson, Compass Financial Group

Mike Tuell, ClearPoint 401k

John Tuell, ClearPoint 401k


Congratulations to everyone on this list!

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