The 2019 Smarty Award Winners

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Quick. Think of someone who’s changed your life for the better. Do you have them clearly in your mind now? Good! Now imagine how great it would be if you could give that person a great big hug and say, “Thank you!” The kind of thanks they would really feel deep down. Wouldn’t that be an awesome thing to do?

At SmartDollar, we have a group of heroes in mind that we’d like to thank. We’re thinking about the dedicated men and women in HR who have a passion for helping employees live a better life than the one they’re leading today. Y’all are our heroes!

To show how grateful we are, we want to take a minute to highlight some rock star companies across America and what’s been happening in their culture. These are clients who get up in the morning and come to work every day with a goal of making life better for their employees.

The winners below don’t just help implement and promote SmartDollar—although they definitely nail those duties on a daily basis. What really makes this group stand out is their unshakable devotion to helping bring employees real financial wellness that actually works! Because of their hearts to help, these heroes are helping transform countless lives as workers take control of their money.

Let’s celebrate!

2019 HR Hero of the Year for Small Business

Winner: Rebecca Sheibe, LBS Financial

Position: Learning and Development Coordinator

Company Size: 236

Location: Westminster, California

Rebecca goes above and beyond to ensure SmartDollar is continuously promoted at LBS Financial and that the program is fully integrated there. How do we know? Because despite launching less than a year ago, LBS is already sitting at 42% participation! That’s remarkable!

“Rebecca’s advocacy for financial wellness for her team is incredible,” said SmartDollar’s Dan Rolfson. “By using the story of her personal financial journey through SmartDollar and its step-by-step plan, she has encouraged numerous members of her team to completely change their mind-set toward money.”

Incredible work Rebecca! Congratulations. We can’t wait to see how employees at LBS succeed with their money in the coming years!

2019 HR Hero of the Year for Mid-Sized Business

Winner: Mollie Fry, First Financial

Position: Benefits and Wellbeing Manager

Company Size: 2,000

Location: Greensburg, Indiana

Mollie is another huge advocate for financial wellness who has used her personal story of changed behavior around money to inspire employees at First Financial. Having helped launch SmartDollar in 2015, she’s been instrumental in making the program a success.

“Mollie’s persistence and dedication to continuously making her team’s financial well-being a top priority in offered benefits makes her our HR Hero of the Year,” said SmartDollar’s Brian Hamilton. “Year after year, Mollie has advocated and fought to ensure every member of the First Financial family understands the benefit of SmartDollar and has an opportunity to take advantage of the program.”

Those years of dedication are already paying huge dividends for employees. And the full results may not be known for decades. But here’s what we do know—Mollie’s changing lives, and she’s one of our heroes!

2019 HR Hero of the Year for Large Business

Winner: Aleasha Eberly, J.R. Simplot

Position: Compensation and Benefits Specialist

Company Size: 7,000

Location: Boise, Idaho

J.R. Simplot’s Aleasha Eberly is certainly an HR Hero. And for her, getting SmartDollar to succeed is personal! That’s not surprising when you realize she was the first person on her team to hear of the program and the one who took ownership of bringing it to the organization. Needless to say, she’s fully plugged in to using SmartDollar herself. And as someone who knows her team really well, she remains focused on never forgetting her mission to serve them.

As much as our SmartDollar team stays focused on overall results and ROI, Aleasha emphasizes how much it helps her company’s people! As she so often tells us, “This is about doing what’s right for the team!”

“Aleasha is a one-of-a-kind hero,” Hamilton said, “J.R. Simplot has created a complete culture-change when it comes to their team’s finances in the last year. This could not have happened without Aleasha. Her advocacy for financial wellness and her care for the Simplot family has created incredible financial success for the team since they launched the program in the fall of 2018.”

2019 Vision Award

Winner: ONE Gas

Company Size: 3,500

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

This award goes to a company that has hit the ground running during their first year with SmartDollar and gone above and beyond the suggested implementation plan. The winner puts in visible effort to get their team to sign up for and engage in SmartDollar. And this year’s winner is ONE Gas!

After launching in January 2019, they’ve already seen hundreds enrolled and a financial turnaround of more than $4 million for employees in debt paid and dollars saved! Wow!

“The whole team and company are bought in,” said SmartDollar’s Abby Stephenson. “They bought 50 copies of Everyday Millionaires to share with employees. They even planned a road trip to multiple sites to promote SmartDollar. They’ve had a fantastic communication plan that includes mentioning the program monthly through what they call Wellness Wednesdays.”

2019 Company of the Year

Winner: Mister Car Wash

Company Size: 7,000

Location: Tucson, Arizona

There are thousands of companies out there doing all they can to deliver real financial wellness to millions of employees through SmartDollar. But there can only be one MVP! And this year, the trophy goes to Mister Car Wash!

By early 2019, they'd been providing SmartDollar to their team for two years. Participation had been growing, but it wasn't where they wanted. So their HR team got busy looking for ways to get as many of their employees as possible on a clear plan for their money. 

That "never give up" attitude can be seen time after time with the Mister Car Wash team in so many areas. From their company culture to leadership being fully bought in, it’s clear Mister Car Wash wants their team to win with money. 

With such a diverse workforce and locations all over the nation, Mister Car Wash never ceases to be creative when it comes to reaching their team. In 2019 alone, they saw an impressive boost in SmartDollar participation.

It's for those reasons and more that Mister Car Wash is our 2019 Company of the Year. 

Congratulations to all of our winners. We truly appreciate your commitment to helping those in your companies.

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