SmartDollar Contest Winners Announced!

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2017 is nearly halfway gone. How are you doing with your New Year’s money goals?

Thirty-one SmartDollar users just got a boost with theirs. Throughout the month of April we gave out $25 Amazon gift cards to daily winners. And we topped it all off by awarding a $1,000 grand prize to one lucky user. That’s like knocking out Baby Step One in a single day!

Whether you won a prize or not, we have high hopes for your financial plans and we want to see you win with money throughout the rest of the year. The first step is to review the goals you made in January.

(In case you never made any goals, here are some tips on making a worthy mid-year list.)

If you’ve already hit the halfway point with your goals, or maybe even completed some of them, give yourself a round of applause. You can keep your momentum going by signing into SmartDollar here and watching the lessons that correspond to your current Baby Step.

Not quite hitting your stride with one or more of the Baby Steps? Not to worry. Our experts cover each step in full detail in the video lessons. Whether you’re just starting out saving up a starer emergency fund or exploring your options in planning for retirement, we have solid teaching to get you moving in the right direction.

Congratulations to all of the winners below. And congratulations to you for deciding to take control of your money!

$1000 Grand Prize Winner   

Cheryl H.

Daily $25 Gift Card Winners

4/1 - Dianne M.

4/2 - Stacy H.

4/3 - Nichole L. from Hines Interests Limited Partnership 

4/4 - Chandler S. from Quality Craft Wood Works Inc.

4/5 - Kyle S.

4/6 - Erik S. from SSAB

4/7 - Ivy S. from 1517 Media

4/8 - Mindy S.

4/9 - Carlos D. from Semblex Corporation

4/10 - Bridget M. from Severn Trent Services

4/11 - Brian R. from Deseret Laboratories

4/12 - Elizabeth T. from Christian Brothers Automotive Corporation

4/13 - Megan N. from T. Rowe Price

4/14 - Stephen R. from Service First Mortgage

4/15 - Steven W. from City of Schertz           

4/16 - Brian B. form Nucor Building Systems

4/17 - Marger P. from BCD Travel USA

4/18 - Marc H. from Securities America

4/19 - Connie G. from BCD Travel USA

4/20 - Levi W. from Metalworking Solutions

4/21 - Racheal S. from Barrett & Stokely Management LLC

4/22 - Erik S. from SSAB

4/23 - Robin S. from Agnesian HealthCare

4/24 - Steven C. from Southeastern Freight

4/25 - Jodi G. from Holly Hill Construction Inc and Rock Point Real Estate LLC

4/26 - Jeannie S. from Valent U.S.A. Corporation

4/27 - Paula P.           

4/28 - Bridget M. from Severn Trent Services

4/29 - Debi M. from VRI

4/30 - Josh E. from Royal Technologies

For all the SmartDollar enrollees who participated, you can watch the lessons whenever you need more inspiration and reminders about why you’re doing this. From saving your emergency fund to working your debt snowball, it’s often the early quick wins that have the most impact in motivating you to change key behaviors with money.

Don’t have a SmartDollar login? Contact your HR department for info on how to enroll or read more about bringing SmartDollar to your company here!

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