Declutter After Christmas: Make the Most of Your Space and Money

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What did you get for Christmas?

Be honest—as much as you love your new gadgets and gear, you probably received at least a few things you either didn’t want or didn’t need. 

Whether you unwrapped duplicate gifts or something that just wasn’t your style, all that unwanted stuff can take up valuable space. So why not use it to make some money?

You can quickly declutter after Christmas. Here are a few ways:

1. Have a Yard Sale

One man’s clutter is worth another man’s cash. Don’t let a little cold weather slow down your debt snowball. As long as it’s a clear day, you can put those surplus gifts on a table outside and haggle with your neighbors for extra money. And while you’re at it, bring out any clutter you find in the attic or garage and hawk that too.

2. Sell Online

Whatever you can’t move through face-to-face entrepreneurship can likely be sold in a virtual yard sale on eBay, Craigslist or a consignment website. Social media is another hot market for informal bargaining. Don’t forget to list your stuff on office forums for buying and selling too.

3. Barter for Bargains

Is there anything you’ve needed for a long time, but it just hasn’t fit into your budget? Does that long-awaited item roughly match the value of one or more of your unwanted Christmas gifts? Bartering something you have but don’t want for something you need is another great way to convert valuable clutter into a more useful form.

4. Visit the Returns Department

If someone was thoughtful enough to include a receipt when they gave you something you didn’t want, perfect! You can get cash back. Or if you don’t have a receipt and happen to know where the unneeded item came from, exchange it for store credit and buy something you will actually use.

5. Extend the Season of Giving Into the New Year

Giving is a big part of any great money plan. It’s fun, it’s freeing, and it keeps your focus on others in a really healthy way. The good news is you can keep up the spirit of Christmas giving in your New Year’s effort to declutter. You’re bound to know someone who’d appreciate the items you don’t need, and the chance to share will benefit you both.

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