This Father’s Day, You Can Be Your Dad’s Hero

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Happy Father’s Day! Now’s the time to celebrate the hero in your life by showing him how much you appreciate him. And since he’s always been there to give you just what you need whenever you need it, why not use this Father’s Day to do something heroic in return?

If you’re working your debt snowball or busy piling up an emergency fund, you might not have a ton of spare cash for a gift. But who needs a lot of money when you have SmartDollar’s list of free or affordable Father’s Day activities? These gestures are guaranteed to make him feel loved. Choose one (or all) of them to do for your dad, and you’ll get to be his hero for a day.

Give him a hand with a big project.

What dad doesn’t have a long list of things that need to get done around the house? Yours is probably no exception. With a little help from mom to keep it a secret, this could be a great way to deliver a surprise thank-you present. Or just show up on Father’s Day and tell him you’re there to help him paint that fence or work those flower beds he’s been meaning to get to.

Grill and chill in the great outdoors.

Admit it—you were already planning to grill out this weekend. And who doesn’t love the flavor of a flame-broiled burger, brat or steak on a perfect summer’s day? Your dad deserves a delicious meal, and your happy memories of seeing him grill for you deserve to be revisited. So invite him for a cookout, but this time reverse roles and grill the perfect steak for him.

Go enjoy some local sports.

Before you start adding up the triple-digit price of admission, sodas and hot dogs at a pro sports game, remember the minor leagues. Are there any local high school or semi-pro games happening in your area? Tickets to these events are often cheap or free, and they can be just as much fun as a major league game. And here’s a free option for especially thrifty sports fans: Just go play some catch or throw the football around with dad outside.

Get creative with a Father’s Day masterpiece.

Think your dad stopped caring about your artwork back in your elementary school days? Think again! If you have a creative streak, there’s no reason he wouldn’t appreciate an original creation from you this Father’s Day. It could take the form of a painting, a drawing, or even a handwritten letter telling him what his legacy of fatherhood means to you. This gift is not only free, it’s also likely to be much more valuable to him than anything you could buy.

There’s no limit to all the cheap or free ways to have fun with your dad this Father’s Day. These options are easy on your wallet, but they’re sure to provide you both with great memories for years.

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