Announcing the Winners of the February SmartDollar Contest!

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Noticed anything fun happening lately with your company’s SmartDollar participation? Maybe hearing more conversations about the program, or seeing a big boost to engagement with the tools and videos? If so, chances are you had employees signing in to enter our February contest.

We gave away $25 Amazon gift cards every day of the month to 28 lucky employees! And that was before ending the contest with a grand prize of $1,000 cash. Can you say automatic starter emergency fund?

We know you’re trembling with anticipation at the thought of seeing your name, or that of a coworker, on the long and lovely list of winners. But before we share them, take a look at what some of our users nationwide had to say about how SmartDollar changed their lives this month.

"I am a huge believer in this process and think I Dave Ramsey does an awesome job in teaching and keeping people engaged. The shorter-sized videos and tools make it an invaluable resource in becoming financially sound."

"I love the program! It really helps people as long as they are willing to listen and do what it says. I feel better about retirement than I have before. Thanks for the help!"

"A co-worker told me about it and I see the value. It's keeping my eyes on the prize, which is becoming debt-free and saving for retirement."

"This program literally changes lives. It eliminates the excuses like ‘I've never been taught,’ or ‘This is the way I have always done it.’ It’s easy to follow and comprehend! If people truly desire to change their financial present and future this is the program!"

"SmartDollar has transformed my life, my view of how to handle money, and my hopes to give an amazing legacy to my family and the world."

Wow! That’s some pretty high praise. We’re seriously humbled to hear how many people’s lives are being touched and their family trees changed forever by intersecting with SmartDollar. And to every company and employee who dove in to learn more about winning with money this month, we congratulate you! You already won big this past month. Now keep going strong all year long and make 2018 a financial year to remember!

Without further ado, our winners:

Elisa C, Los Angeles CA
Anonymous User, Birmingham AL
Justin M, San Francisco CA
Anonymous User, Raleigh NC
Nicole E, Salt Lake City UT
Daniel M, Austin TX
Karen B, Colorado Springs CO
Anonymous User, Washington DC
Sarah P, San Francisco CA
Desiree M, Cincinnati OH
Byron B, Des Moines IA
Anonymous User, Des Moines IA
Anonymous User, Chicago IL
Brad B, Chicago IL
Debbie S, Cleveland OH
Anonymous User, Atlanta GA
Josh G, Chicago IL
Terra F, Portland WA
Artem M, Austin TX
Elizabeth H Atlanta GA
Lacey K Dallas TX
JoAnn C Austin TX
Samantha C, Nashville TN
Daphne T, Knoxville TN
Kenneth M, Columbia SC
Hunter B, Salt Lake City UT
Anonymous User, Birmingham AL
Anonymous User, Detroit MI

And a drum roll for our Grand Prize Winner:
Melanie K, Bayard NE

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