February 2019 SmartDollar Contest Winners!

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There’s something monumental happening in the lives of SmartDollar users across America. And we can tell it’s something good. How do we know? Because we can hear it in the voices of employees who are feeling the joy and excitement that can only come from winning with money!

 Don’t believe us? Just read what the grand-prize winner of our February SmartDollar contest had to say about how the program’s helped him. Nick P. of Trico Electric Cooperative won $1,000 cash. And he knows exactly how he’s going to use it.

 “I’m a couple of months into SmartDollar, and at this point, I’m in Baby Step 2,” Nick said. “I’ve already paid off the first debt in my debt snowball! I plan to use what I won to pay off debt number two!”

 So, what’s been Nick’s favorite part of the program?

“It’s very easy to follow. Before now, I was trying to do everything at once, but now I have a step-by-step plan!”

SmartDollar Helps Your Whole Company

Nick’s not the only employee at Trico who’s seeing huge financial gains with SmartDollar. Since starting the program in 2015, Trico has seen some remarkable results for their team:

  • Participation in the program is at 38%!

  • The average participant has experienced a little above $14,000 in financial return!

  • ·The total debt eliminated at the company stands at $96,350—an average of $7,411 per user.

  • The total dollars saved is $87,525, which works out to about $6,732 per user.

Those are some impressive numbers to be sure! But maybe what we’re even more excited about is the change in how employees are feeling about their money.

 Before starting SmartDollar, 31% of Trico participants said they were scared about their personal finances. Four years later, only 19% feel that way. Today, 31% feel confident!

 Employees Win With SmartDollar

 There’s nothing we like more than hearing about how employees are experiencing real financial wellness that actually works—except maybe the chance to give them a little boost along the way! That’s why throughout the month of February, we gave away $25 Amazon gift cards to 28 lucky SmartDollar users. Check out what a few of them had to say about the program!

“I love Dave Ramsey! Starting in January, I took my financials more seriously through SmartDollar. Yay for New Year’s resolutions. This year I’ve paid a total of $2,904 toward my debt. I will continue using SmartDollar! I am obsessed with the Debt Snowball Tool. Seeing all of my debts gradually decrease has helped so much.” — Vanessa P.

What an awesome way to begin the year!

“SmartDollar and EveryDollar have helped me a lot. It has helped me become more cautious over our spending. I have no credit card debt and was at a point where we only had a mortgage payment left. We sort of fell off the wagon for a while, but I recently got back on the website and have figured out that we can have $225,000 of debt paid off in about seven more years. We could potentially even do it sooner. And we haven’t made huge changes in our family's lifestyle! My husband struggles a little with my obsession to pay off debt, but he’s come around.” — Celia H.

Let the nerds and free spirits of the world unite!

“In February of 2017, the president of our company offered all employees this wonderful opportunity to get our financial lives in order. He challenged everyone to use the program to create a budget, pay off debt, and save for the future. I decided that I would take the challenge and see if it would help me. After a few months in the program, I caught on to how to budget better. I listened to all of the SmartDollar videos and also listened to a lot of Dave Ramsey programs. In the first year, I paid off some debt and got my emergency fund together. I am working on the debt snowball step and will keep chipping away using the plan. And I’ll continue to use the SmartDollar and EveryDollar apps daily to stay focused. Our home is paid off, so things are looking positive!” — Laurie B.

Keep up the great work!

“I have really enjoyed SmartDollar! I learned things no one really teaches you—things like investments, the debt snowball and how to budget. SmartDollar gave me the information, tools and encouragement I needed to get going. My husband and I had accumulated credit card debt and student loan debt. We owed so much, and I never thought we could ever get out of it. I truly felt hopeless and frustrated trying to figure out how we could achieve not only our financial goals, but our life goals, including buying a house. After starting SmartDollar and listening to Dave’s lessons, I finally felt hope and encouragement that I CAN DO THIS! I am so very proud to say that since taking SmartDollar, my husband and I have paid off two credit cards and are well on our way to paying of our debt! I’m so glad that I signed up for SmartDollar—it has truly been a life-changing experience for us. I am forever grateful to SmartDollar because it has truly changed our lives. Thank you so much for this program! I will definitely continue to use SmartDollar and the tools available to us!” — Winnie S.

You can do this, Winnie! You’re already doing it, and we believe you’ll go all the way.

“My husband and I began the program in October of 2017. So far, we have paid off roughly $73,000 in debt. We are on our last $6,000 and hope to have this paid off before the summer hits. Then we should be going into Baby Step 3 and will only have our mortgage left to pay off. We hope to do it before we reach 60, or possibly way before then. We started late in life, and so wish we had known about this program years ago. I cannot express enough how financially free we feel. Our children are now on this program! One is 25 and already has his fully funded emergency fund saved, and the other one is 20 and is debt-free and is working on Baby Step 3! I’m so proud of them, and they are on the right track for sure! It’s very comforting to know that they are learning these principles now—and it will definitely put them in a great spot for years to come! It truly has been a wonderful thing in our home and in our children’s as well!” — Christie A.

When smart money habits take hold in your family, they’re contagious! And they influence the kids to live debt-free!

All of Our Winners

Here’s the complete list of lucky employees who each won a $25 Amazon gift card. Congrats again to all of our winners!

Amanda S.

Nolan B.

Devin B.

Laura B.

Jeffery B.

Vanessa P.

Breanna C.

Khirsa C.

Celia H.

Laurie B.

Collins W.

Jillian H.

Tim W.

Adrienne P.

Jeffrey Z.

Henry A.

Rebecca L.

Ana G.

Winnie S.

Christie A.

Jessica K.

Chad S.

Jill B.

Natalie L.

Deborah S.

Steve S.

And the Grand Prize Winner . . .

Nick P.

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