How the Big Game Can Teach You Secrets to Success

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Like success in any aspect of life, success in the NFL isn’t easy.

To come out on top, players realize that winning it all is about more than just talent and raw skill. If that were all it took to raise the Lombardi Trophy, then any good player out of college with a fast 40-yard-dash time and a strong arm would win the championship.

But athletic success is not just about what happens on the field. The large majority of success in sports comes from what goes on behind the scenes. The same is true when it comes to winning big with your money.

So what are the “secret” traits of champions?


In football, they call it a game plan. It’s simply the plan of attack (and defense) for the upcoming game. Every person on the team knows their role and how they fit into the game plan. In your life, the plan comes down to one thing: the budget.

Listening to Veterans

Champions tune in to the people who know what they’re talking about—their coaches, mentors and other team members they look up to. If you want to win with money, find someone who’s doing it right and talk to them about it. Reach out to people who can give you encouragement and wisdom.


This is a must, and it’s what teamwork is all about. If you’ve ever watched Peyton Manning or Tom Brady play quarterback, you know how important communication is to what they do. In the same way, if you aren’t on the same page with your spouse and your family about money, then it’s impossible to win. Communication is one of the most important keys to financial success.

The Big Picture

For an NFL player, the ultimate goal is winning the big game. That’s why they practice in the 100-degree heat in August and put their bodies through the stress of an entire season—because holding that trophy up is worth it! With money, your ultimate goal is to build so much wealth that you can give generously to your family and others. That’s keeping your eye on the prize!

Readiness to Sacrifice

Fatty foods are replaced by healthy foods. TV time is replaced by studying. And partying with friends is replaced by a workout routine. Successful people realize that winning involves giving up stuff that will get in the way of success. What are you willing to give up to succeed?


Many athletes are extremely passionate about their jobs—look how they celebrate after winning a championship. Around here, we call that type of passion gazelle intensity—meaning, like a gazelle running from a cheetah, you’ll do whatever it takes to get out of debt and on the road to money success.

You might not ever be an NFL champion, but that doesn’t mean you can’t develop the same traits as one.

If you start putting these practices to work in your life, then you’ll make this year an unbelievable year you won’t forget.