Your Guide to Promoting SmartDollar Contests

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In case you haven’t heard or seen the results for yourself, participating in our SmartDollar user contests is one of the most effective ways we know to drive engagement with the program. And with our upcoming February 2018 user contest around the corner, there’s never been a better time to brush up on promotion tips.

Use Flyers and Emails

These have proven to be the simplest and most popular way for letting eligible users know there’s a contest on. Your emails and flyers can be as fancy or as barebones as you choose. Emails work well for any business with computerized work stations or a workforce with smartphones. But flyers are just as good at spreading the word, especially in common areas and break rooms.

And you can even customize our print pieces for your promotions. Edit them right on your desktop to include details specific to your own business.

Add Competition for Extra Fun

A SmartDollar contest is going to be fun regardless of when it happens, because the purpose is always to get more users further engaged with our trusted money content. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ramp up the fun on your own end. And what’s the easiest way to do that? By adding in your own dose of local competition. Consider:

  • Setting up a points contest among coworkers or teams during the contest.

  • Awarding your own prizes in addition to ours (see details below).

  • Reminding users about all the ways they can engage with SmartDollar to earn points: viewing core lessons and deep dives, taking quizzes, creating a budget in EveryDollar, completing a wellness survey, and many more.

Be Sure Employees Understand SmartDollar Is Always Confidential

Anytime we run a contest to help ramp up the fun and engagement with SmartDollar, we’re always careful to reiterate a core value: everything users do with SmartDollar is always completely confidential. So remind them that neither their employer, nor their coworkers, will be privy to any of their financial information as they engage with the program, whether a contest is on or not.

And just in time for you to apply all these ideas, we’re running another SmartDollar contest in February 2018! Your employees will be up for daily prizes every time they use SmartDollar throughout the month, including a shot at $1,000 cash!

  • To be eligible, participants will have had to create their SmartDollar account before January 26, 2018. When they earn SmartDollar points from that date, they’ll automatically be entered to win!

  • Every day from Feb. 1–28, SmartDollar will give away a $25 Amazon gift card to someone who earned SmartDollar points that day.

  • Every day they earn SmartDollar points, they’ll also be entered to win the grand prize of $1,000 to use toward whatever Baby Step they’re currently working on! That means each employee can enter up to 28 times. Get ready to see a big engagement spike in February!

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