Save or Spend? 5 Items That Might Be Worth Paying a Little Extra For

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When it comes to costs like health insurance or routine car maintenance, they are usually considered “must-have” aspects of any wise budget. Why? You spend a little money now so you avoid paying a lot of money later.

In general, that’s probably a good idea for your entire financial plan. When buying stuff that you really need, it’s okay to spend a little bit now to avoid financial, or even physical, pain in the long run.

Here are some items we think are worth spending a little extra money on. Keep these in mind when you make your next trip to the store:

1. Trash Bags

Go with the paper-thin plastic bags if you really want to. But realize that as soon as the plastic snaps, you’re the one on your hands and knees picking up used diapers and last night’s leftovers.

2. Running Shoes

Your slowly deteriorating Achilles tendon doesn’t care about your get-out-of-debt plan, but it would appreciate it if you would stop running half marathons in a pair of 10-year-old Converse.

3. Healthy Food

Frequent meals at fast food chains will save you a buck of two, but you’ll more than pay for it 20 years from now when a heart surgeon is scraping your arteries clean.

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4. Bed Sheets

Turns out, sleeping on sandpaper isn’t comfortable unless you are a two-by-four.

5. Office Chair

“Yes, my lower back feels like someone drove a spike through it when I leave the office every day, but I saved $200 on this office chair! Super cool, right?” No, that’s not super cool at all. You’d be better off standing up.

We’re not saying it’s time to become a spendaholic and buy a fancy office chair, the most expensive running shoes and the highest thread-count bed sheets available.

But we are saying that, sometimes, comfort matters. And if you have some wiggle room in your budget, it’s perfectly fine to spend a little extra cash on some nicer stuff. Just use common sense and stick to your budget.