SmartDollar Users Loved Our September 2019 Contest

SmartDollar Users Loved Our September 2019 Contest

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If you’ve been using SmartDollar lately, you already know how much fun it is to win with your money. Getting on a budget. Paying off debt. And saving up for that car, beach trip or much-needed home improvement project. This is what winning looks like!

But here’s what you might not know. A little extra motivation can multiply your money efforts! And during our September Contest, SmartDollar users proved that to be true. How? By getting busy building smart money habits!

Y’all poured hours of effort into SmartDollar activities—with some crazy awesome results. Ready to bask in the glory of your collective activity? Let’s take a closer look at The Most Amazingly Fun Facts We Could Find About Our Awesome SmartDollar Contestants:

We Saw Plenty of Newcomers

Of those who created budgets during September, a good share were brand-new budgeters. That’s right! Absolute beginners. For many, it was their first time taking every dollar of their pay and giving it a name and a job to do. Could your budgeting habit use a little TLC? Think back to your own days as a rookie budgeter and let the wonder of the spending plan inspire you to new heights.

And Many Users Came Back

Now this goes out to those of you who love a good comeback story: Most of those that budgeted during the contest had been out of the habit for two or more months. While it’s sad that they’d stopped telling their money where to go instead of wondering where it went, we’re just glad they came back to their senses! The contest was a good reminder to many of our users just how important it is to have a plan for your money—and to follow that plan for a lifetime.

It Wasn’t Just a Flash in the Pan

Maybe you’re saying, “Meh. They budget now when the prizes are glittering, but later they’ll be back to their old ways!” Well, don’t be so sure about that! Most of the users who tracked transactions during the contest period continued to track them after it was completed. That’s real behavior change!

And Our Favorite Achievement of All . . .

Here’s the thing that really creases our laugh lines: During the contest period, our users paid off an eye-popping amount of debt. When people get busy getting out of debt, it creates a virtuous cycle: Getting out of debt increses their hope, which exhilarates them and pushes them to get out of more debt! During the contest, our SmartDollar users proved what millions of employees at thousands of companies nationwide already knew: The Seven Baby Steps lead to real financial wellness that actually works.

The Top Five Activities

Maybe you’d like to have some of that energy and success rub off on you and your own family. Ah, who are we kidding? Of course you want in on the action! To point you in the right direction, consider the top five activities people did during the contest period:

  • Budgeting using EveryDollar
  • Tracking debts with the Debt Snowball Tool
  • Listening to “Ask Dave” audio clips
  • Watching lesson videos
  • Taking lesson quizzes

Now Who the Heck Won?

We know! We’re taking a long time getting to the really good stuff. After all, you’re just dying to know who won, exactly what they got, and what they had to say after winning. Let’s jump right in! Among all the daily prize winners we’re including below, Josh won an Amazon Echo and had this to say about it:

"SmartDollar has motivated my wife and me to work harder to pay off our mortgage early and become debt-free. It’s been instrumental in our decision to get life and disability insurance. And it’s also encouraged us to save more for our children’s education. The program has even helped me be a more positive financial role model for our children. I’m excited to be able to eventually share this knowledge with them to ensure they, too, have a bright financial future."

Feeling hopeful about today and tomorrow? Now that’s what we call real winning!

Brent Won Our Grand Prize Vacation!

Thanks for budgeting with us, Brent! We’re so happy you’ll be taking a little trip on us. What’s the smartest thing you’ve done as a SmartDollar user?

"I’ve been aware of Dave’s programs for many years, but when our company offered SmartDollar to us, it really helped me to finally take the steps to get things under control. The Debt Snowball Tool is extremely helpful in terms of motivation. EveryDollar is a great budgeting tool that keeps me on track to achieve my debt-free goals. I’m still on Baby Step 2, but I hope to be debt-free by the end of 2020 and then be able to work the other steps for wealth creation."

Congratulations to All of Our Winners!

We love it when positive behavior change leads to quick wins. Throughout September, we announced the following daily winners who picked up awesome stuff like iPads, Chromebooks and Amazon gift cards.

Theodore W.

Sara C.

Trevor V.

Terry D.

Vicki M.

Laurelle C.

Gerardo P.

Timothy T.

Adam F.

Donna L.

Kelly D.

Fela W.

Wendy M.

Chris Z.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! Keep up the good work as you complete the Baby Steps. And for even more motivation along the way, log in to SmartDollar to review the video lessons, update your Baby Step progress, and do other activities to earn SmartDollar points.

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