What You Need to Know About Financial Wellness

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What You Need to Know About Financial Wellness

Ready to bring true financial wellness to your employees?

Your employees are stressed out about their money—and they are bringing these issues to work. Your employees need your help! We have the tools and resources you need to be the financial wellness expert at your company!

You’ll Learn:

  • Why financial wellness is here to stay

  • Why companies are expanding financial wellness

  • How the industry has progressed

  • What the financial wellness landscape looks like

Hosted by Chris Hogan

Best-Selling Retirement Author and Speaker

A popular and dynamic speaker for SmartDollar and financial wellness, Chris Hogan combines the right level of inspiration and motivation when delivering important educational content. Chris has served as a financial coach for over a decade and now works with businesses all across the country helping them develop strategies to improve their overall business and secure their employees’ financial futures.

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